Dr. Lynne E. Kavulich is the founder of American Wellness Care, celebrating 35 years of serving Dutchess County.

Dr. Kavulich is a compassionate healer, anti-aging physician, and best-selling author. She is board certified in chiropractic, clinical nutrition, and is one of the first doctors granted Diplomate status by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a frequent keynote speaker, she has appeared on television, radio and has been featured in numerous publications.

Are you searching for a personalized plan designed to optimize your weight, energy, memory, hormone balance, bone density, and skin rejuvenation?

Dr. Kavulich offers her clients understanding and clinical expertise; a holistic, integrative approach to healthcare. She works with her clients to create cost-effective, personalized, goal-oriented programs.

American Wellness Care uses advanced anti-aging technologies to determine and improve cellular aging, based on metabolic typing, laboratory testing, and genetics.

Gentle, effective chiropractic, myofascial techniques, and low level laser are prescribed to optimize the brain and nervous system and to find long-sought answers to back and neck pain, chronic muscle tightness and headaches.

Clients also benefit from natural, customized nutritional programs backed by published, peer-reviewed clinical studies for noticeable improvements in weight control, energy, performance, and healthy aging.

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